Are Your Brand Voice Guidelines Being Followed?

The Importance of Monitoring

Your brand voice shows up in all sorts of places. It's everywhere that you are. Wherever you have content or communications with your customers, whether online or off, you're using this unique voice. This includes everything from social media comments to your website's About page to one-on-one interactions.

The key to successful branding is for your brand voice to be consistent across all media. This is vitally important because one slight lapse in your voice anywhere could cause a disconnect in the mind of your customer.

The only way to monitor your brand voice is to designate someone the official monitor and have them check your content on a regular basis. For offline print materials, have them sign off on everything before it’s published. They should know and understand the guidelines well. The best case scenario is that this is someone who has written or created content for you so they know the guidelines through experience.

It’s harder to control online content. Content online can be published in various places and it could be content used by affiliates or other business partners in your name.

Like your offline content, you can have your monitor sign off on all online content. You can also ask them to regularly monitor content on your name online. You can do this through Google search but an even better way is to sign up through Google Alerts. For the notifications, enter your brand name and choose a regular roundup. There’s no need to be notified every time something new is posted. For example, you can sign up for weekly updates and then your monitor can check each week when the update comes through.

Another advantage of updates is that you can also keep an eye on what customers are saying about your organization online. Your monitor might notice someone complaining about bad customer service or something else that doesn’t fit with the image you're trying to create.

Whenever there is a voice problem, your monitor or another designated person should contact the author of the piece and bring to their attention the pertinent guidelines.

Monitoring your brand voice is an ongoing task but it’s well worth the resources you spend on it. It’s absolutely essential that you keep tabs on your communications.