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Turning Brand Voice into Tone

Once you understand the unique values that are the reason your customers choose you, you need to turn the rough sketch you have for your coaching brand voice into a distinctive tone of voice. You now need to go from ideas to the actual language you’ll use. You’ll discover and define your style, and then […]

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5 Mistakes You Could Be Making with Your Brand Voice

Your brand voice is the personality of your coaching brand. Your customers need to see a consistent voice in all of your communications that speaks directly to them in order to successfully build a relationship with them. Here are five common mistakes you could be making with your brand voice.1. No Clear MessageJust like your […]

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Are Your Brand Voice Guidelines Being Followed?

The Importance of MonitoringYour brand voice shows up in all sorts of places. It’s everywhere that you are. Wherever you have content or communications with your customers, whether online or off, you’re using this unique voice. This includes everything from social media comments to your website’s About page to one-on-one interactions.The key to successful branding […]

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What Is Brand Voice and How Is It Different from Branding?

A brand’s voice is the particular personality it conveys to its audience through words and phrases. It includes the language and tone used in communications like text-based content, printed materials, verbal interactions, videos, and other multimedia content. However, it can also be part of the visual language the brand uses in things like infographics.An easy […]

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